Our Innovation

Prasens is a fast-moving environment where you will have the opportunity to involve with highly motivated people in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our company strives to innovate communications objectives and build their relationships with customers, prospects and the wider community.

Welcome..Prasens Innovative Solutions

Prasens is thrived by innovative technology, specialising in Embedded Systems, real life electronic Product developing.

The solid background in simulations and measurements, allows us to cover all elements of High-End designing to offer all qualified support from the concept phase to the product solution.

We deliver outstanding results for our clients by combining creative design, improvisived ideas and exceptional service.

We are passionate about building long-term relationships with our clients, based on listening, understanding and trust.





We work with clients who genuinely want to innovate and grow. We help them release the creative potential of their people, products and brand.


We're dedicated to providing the most secure solutions for our customers and we lead the industry in research and action regarding the security of our networks.


We offers a fast, flexible response to customer needs thus minimize the time taken to develop new customised solutions without compromising reliability.

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The initiative concerning a strategic imperative enables importance, because the enhancement increasingly lessens development.


By using the latest technology tools we insure the highest level of performance and quality in the industry


Our works never lack pace with rapidly varying vicinal technology domains. Always up to date and dynamic

Our Motto

Changing the course of the inevitable, inevitably.